Our family is getting into our groove. A move disrupts your patterns, flow, processes. It has been about a month now since we packed up our house and family and transplanted to Aitkin. Although we have a few (or a lot) of lingering boxes that have not been unpacked or dedicated for a purpose, we are feeling as settled as we can be for not really knowing what home we will purchase in the next year or so. We do know that we love the house we are staying in now, it fits all our needs and more.

Jake and I received the gift of a stay at a B&B in Cornucopia, WI for Christmas and the time had come for our 2 night getaway to start. Cornucopia is about 80 miles from Duluth and a half hour drive to Bayfield, WI. It is a small town with sandy beaches, rocky cliffs, and Lake Superior waves. We had traveled to the area last summer, found the last campsite on Madeline Island in the pitch black on a Friday night, and had decided that next time we return we want to go sea kayaking. So this trip: we had a plan.

We left Monday morning and enjoyed lunch in Canal Park at Northern Waters Smokehaus where the Cajun Finn sandwich was incredibly delicious and Jake rubbed elbows with Whiskey distillers from Tennessee while waiting in line.

After Duluth, we continued our drive through Wisconsin while jamming to our collection of CDs that we found when moving (we each had a tote of CDs that have been narrowed down to a small book- we know they are archaic, but how can you possibly throw away the classics that got you through junior high to college?) We arrived at Siskiwit Bay Lodge Bed & Breakfast and WOW- what a beautiful setting. This B&B boasts a living quarters for the host and 5 bedrooms & baths for guests with a gorgeous common room and manicured lawns. Not only is the house extraordinary; the hosts, food & conversation with other guests has been delightful. The sunset over Lake Superior our first night was the most astounding sunset I had ever had the opportunity to see in person & last night we enjoyed sitting by the fire, hearing the waves of Lake Superior and enjoying talking with another couple. (Side note: the B&B is for sale – the listing agents did a great job on it!)


We hiked a nearby trail called Lost Falls that led to a waterfall and small creek with rocks to hop on and cross over. It was the perfect hike. We came into Bayfield to eat twice: at the Fat Radish & Maggie’s – both delightful and quirky in their own ways, and great food. We had shopped and walked Bayfield last year, so we returned for some fish & souvenirs. Yesterday evening was our sea kayaking adventure. We booked a 4 hour excursion, but due to less than ideal conditions and a storm that was coming in, we did an alternative route to Roman’s Point instead of launching out of Meyer’s Beach. We paddled in a tandem kayak and I really enjoyed it! Going in and out of the rock ledges was really neat, next time we get the weather that produces the ice caves – I need to go back to check those out!

We are headed home today – back to our children & the routines of life and business. Our hosts at the B&B said, “Sometimes you need to retreat to move forward” – nothing could be more true for us. This retreat was an opportunity to sleep in, sit by water, and hang out with my best friend. And now we emerge moving forward – getting back into our routines, preparing for the upcoming school year, growing our roots deeper into our new community.



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