The Thaw…

We know it is coming…the icy patches melt into puddles each afternoon until the night’s temperatures drop. This cycle of winter mornings turned into hopeful sunny afternoons where the sun actually feels warm and we let our winter guards down for just enough to dream of spring. We leave our coats at home to run errands, in denial it is still only 30 degrees outside, but compared to 30 below- this feels like a heatwave. It sure feels good to shed a layer of outerwear, get a car wash, and hear the birds chirp.

While mother nature is warming up, I can attest so is the local real estate market. When the calendar flipped to March, buyers arose from hibernation and started looking and buying. Sellers who may have been sitting with a stagnant listing from last fall are receiving showings and offers while new listings priced competitively are finding themselves in multiple offer situations. Although it turns back to winter at night when the sun goes down, the real estate market continues to gain momentum.

I am enjoying this wave of business – listing, showing, writing, negotiating, executing contracts is a blast! My routine tasks for running my business get pushed to the sidelines when mornings start out early getting deals done and the day ends way past my bedtime and I close my laptop. It is an ebb and flow that is so different than typical employment of routine hours, tasks, and predictability. It is quite the adventure and just the right adventure for me.

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