The #1 question in real estate.

It gets asked day in and day out – some ask out of pure curiosity, most out of a quest to gain a footing to know where they stand in their personal investments and goals in regards to real estate. Hey, you are in real estate…

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As soon as I became a REALTOR®, the question came – and continues to come. It is a wonderfully complex, fascinating, and great question to ask!

So first of all, thank you for asking how the market is. And it really depends- are you interested in buying, selling, investing, or renting? They are all very different. Is your question coming from a curiosity about interest rates, the economy, a buyers’ market, sellers’ market, commercial transactions, investment properties, lake shore, second homes, or single family residential homes?

Here’s the solution: It really depends. Which part of the market are you most interested in? Let’s narrow down your focus to find out what you really want & I will bring the value. So next time you meet a REALTOR® and you ask “How’s the market?” – expect a conversation, if it’s a one word answer…you can always ask Alexa (or better yet, me).





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