Back to Trick or Treat Street

Just a short note today to reminisce about Halloween traditions growing up on 1st Street in Aitkin. I am thankful for my childhood of growing up in town- being able to trick or treat with other neighbors and friends around town. I have fond memories of trick or treating, but my favorite Halloween memories of growing up in my childhood home were of passing out candy to little ones when I was in high school.

Even after my mom had passed away, I enjoyed getting candy and manning our front door to pass out candy to kids. As a teenager, I am sure there were cooler things to have done on Halloween night, but I was content to turn on our outside light and watch families come up our driveway. A handful of elementary aged kids would always say “hey, you are that girl from the musical” and that made my day! Like being a celebrity in our little town- when a few of the elementary grades were bused over to the high school to watch the spring musical each year.

This afternoon, as I shut my laptop off and pack the kids’ costumes and pajamas to head over to Aitkin, I have a thankful heart for the memories I have growing up on 1st Street. Jake and I love our new tradition of spending Halloween in our hometown- with our parents- walking with our kids along the same streets we did decades ago.

Happy Halloween!

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