#ilovewhereilive photo journal

Yesterday I decided I wanted to take a picture every day until Thanksgiving to showcase my gratitude for living where I do. In the daily grind of analyzing, viewing, and selling properties it is easy to get lost in the square footage, acreage, and price of real estate. Although those details are essential to understanding each real estate transaction, I am dedicating the next month to highlight some of the things I cherish about living in the Brainerd Lakes Area.

My list is personal- I can imagine not every citizen of the area is thankful for the same things I am. But we often take the most crucial freedoms and privileges for granted. I become so nearsighted on the daily tasks, boulders to move, tasks on the lists, that I forget about the awesome weight that I get to own a chunk of land and a house in one of the most beautiful parts of one of the most beautiful states (this is subjective I know) to call my own. I am a goal-setter, accomplishment achiever, always striving kind of person- that reflects in my home ownership as I am constantly repainting, rearranging, and re-convincing my husband to “help” (aka DO) projects. But in my movement, I have grown in contentment for the little house that is home to my family.

#ilovewhereilive pictures will be on the whim – as life happens- and I hope to be persistent in accomplishing a tribute to the area I call home. I have no schedule, guideline, or numbered list of how many pictures I will post, other than a daily post with the hashtag #ilovewhereilive. Yesterday I shared a picture of my husband and daughter duck hunting 5 minutes from our house- because how cool is that? I think it rocks! Today I posted a picture of my running watch- because I meet up with friends to run the streets of Baxter a few times each week, and boy have we explored the area! Think I know every side walk that does or doesn’t get plowed all winter!

I hope you enjoy the pictures of my gratitude for where I call home. And if you don’t #lovewhereyoulive – you better give me a call! I can help with that. 🙂#ilovewhereilive.png

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