All Aboard: Getting Back on Track

Conversations this fall have had a common theme: getting back into a routine. The cycle of the year has spun onto autumn, with the change of the season and school in session, it seems like everyone with a sigh says goodbye to summer and admits the struggle of returning to a routine but the realization of how essential it is to our lives. Personally, I love routine- it is where I can become more efficient, accomplish goals, and carve out opportunities to do the things I need to do. Without a guideline for time management, our “to do” and “to want” lists blur into the background of procrastination and we allow time to manage us vs. the reverse- our ability to manage time.

So while everyone is “getting back on track” I have to ask the question, what happens when your track isn’t the track you were on the previous season when you returned to it? Or what happens when you come to the realization you don’t want to get back on that track? Change is difficult and as someone inclined to the mindset “a place for everything and everything in its place” this particular season is one of newness, firsts, and adventure. As my husband returned to his classroom where he has spent his career teaching and my children returned to their schedules, I am navigating through my career as a realtor with eyes set forward.

The getting back into a routine doesn’t exist in this career- the daily accomplishment of the tasks at hand, the foresight to prospect and invest in relationships for the future, and the wisdom to reevaluate and readjust for greater success are constantly in motion. My goal this fall isn’t to wind down and get into routine- it is to blaze a trail to lay the foundation for 2018 to be rocking. What does that look like professionally for me? Defining goals and making plans to keep myself accountable to achieve them, growing in knowledge and carving time out this winter to finish my GRI accreditation, and growing in creative and logistical ways to create and maintain my business- for an example a more organized contact management system and authentic networking through volunteering and living life with others. In my personal life it looks like carving out time to learn, read, and pray. To be in the moment with my children and set aside time for special intentional time with each of them, even more so for my marriage- to date my husband and dream together. To choose to go to bed earlier to wake up earlier to run in the dark with headlamps and friends. To register for the Twin Cities Marathon for 2018 and maybe a few scattered races before then.

So as we all get back on track, I challenge you to look at your track and tweak it to be even more awesome than last year.

And take a moment to check out the fall colors- doesn’t get much better!

Thank you and photo cred to the MN DNR for the latest report for fall foliage:


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