Definition: Home

What defines my home to me?

It is where I find rest from the world. Where I reconnect with the most important people and things in my life. Where my personal possessions rest when I am not enjoying them. Where meals are prepared and shared together.

Memories made.

Hard conversations around the dinner table. Splashing and a wet bathroom floor from too many toddlers in a bathtub.

Rest when I need it, want it, deserve it.

A never-ending list of to-dos and projects to continue to adapt and change it to my needs and wants. A place that I feel safe, secure, protected, at peace, and content. It is innate in me to need it and want it.

I use it to disconnect to the world, reconnect to myself, and get re-energized to emerge again.

I use my home to serve the daily needs of living life, and spruce it up and prepare it for holidays and celebrations. It is where the stockings are hung at Christmas time, a jack-o-lantern sits outside in autumn, where potted flowers get placed every spring.

It is a place to meet and a place to retreat.

It is always there, steadfast in the storm to cover us with warmth. Yet always changing, with each wear and tear, toil and improvement that happens over the course of life.

The best part of it: it is mine.

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