Where has time gone?

Seriously, it has been awhile. It seems like a lot has happened since I last opened up my laptop and carved out time to write. Multiple disasters have created life-changing events and tragedies for millions of people who have lost their homes and loved ones to unfathomable storms. In Minnesota, we dipped into fall and bounced back into sun and humidity, and my garden doesn’t know what is happening but the Canadian geese have been honking like wild and on the move. In other news, it has been released that Chip & Joanna are going to release a line at target: shut the front door. Someone needs to cut up my red card…now.

In my world of real estate, I am just catching my breath of what was once called Labor Day for those with regularly scheduled holidays from work. I ironically labored quite diligently over the long weekend, writing up multiple contracts and adding a listing. It was fabulous, and fast-paced, and all things real estate. I loved it. I have seen a shift in buyer participation even with a nice long fall season on the horizon- I am hoping more buyers will take advantage of this season when sellers decrease prices and interest rates remain low.

As a seller, this is prime time to get your home out there- let’s take some beautiful pictures before the snow falls, get buyers into your house for showings before we all hibernate, and highlight how cozy and livable your house is during the most beautiful season in Minnesota (I may be biased, but autumn is amazing). And wouldn’t you rather close and move before we freeze, get to have Christmas in your NEW home, and not have to spend your precious spring and summer weekends cleaning and moving? You could already be settled into your next house by then! Or for the snowbirds- get to move on into warmer climates without the worry of frozen pipes and septics and all the glorious upkeep of winter living in Minnesota.

In my own world of life stuff, Jake is back to school teaching, my oldest starts preschool next week, we celebrate a birthday for my middle child this weekend, my garden is almost done producing (other than pumpkins & squash), and I am trying to be more dedicated to the gym membership I committed to. I love my job – but it is more than a job these days- it is like a mindset: analyzing, interpreting data, counseling, and being creative within the boundaries of real estate all at the same time. I so appreciate the clients who have allowed me to grow through each transaction. Nothing is sweeter than getting to the closing table with happy clients!

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