Anniversary Trip

I used to be timid when it came to making a big “ado” about every day life. But then I realized, life is in the everyday life. And if I don’t take a chance to celebrate it- moments come and go like the waves of the sea. Lost in the next wave that comes to crash along the shore. So I have tried to loosen my grip of perfectionism and desire for control to allow celebration, adventure, and just a touch of relaxation to penetrate my rigidity.

So Jake and I took a day and half to do just that- allow an opportunity to celebrate, go on an adventure, and relax to come to fruition in our lives. We packed our car full of camping gear, bikes, and hit the road. I met Jake and kids in Aitkin after a few showings in the morning and Jake joined me on a handful out of town as we were in route to Wisconsin. (I love doing showings- especially lake cabins, so I was pretty darn excited to do them and be on vacation at the same time!) Once we finished up the showings, we made our way through Duluth and then along Lake Superior to Bayfield, WI. Now my normal “past self” of needing details planned, would have fa-reaked out not having reservations at a campsite, but I let it go like Elsa and trusted Jake to lead our adventure- and it was just that!

Getting into Bayfield at 8 pm on a Saturday night turned out to be a classic “no room in the inn” kind of experience for us when it came to finding a campsite. We called up a campground on Madeline Island- a quick ferry ride across Lake Superior- and were told there was 1 left. Call back in 20 minutes to see if it is still open. Okay. Twenty minutes later, we were in line for the ferry to cross the lake and claim the last campsite in a 20 mile radius. The ferry itself was an exhilarating experience. We crossed the lake while the sun was setting over Bayfield and got to our campsite just in time to set up camp in the dark!

Our next day was full of walking, biking, sunbathing, reading, and relaxation. What? I had forgotten what that word meant- until you physically remove me from the presence of my children and put me on an island with limited cell phone reception. But the stars aligned, and relaxation happened. It was glorious! After an afternoon of fun in the sun, we headed into the town of La Pointe on the island, checked out Tom’s Burned Down Bar and the Pub restaurant and then met up with some friends who own a cabin on the island. It was such a joy to see them and hear about their experience building on the island. They gave us some “inside” island knowledge- like that it is safer to leave your keys in your car than your wife in the bar (apparently the man to woman ratio is quite drastic) and that you can buy $100 worth of groceries that’ll fit in your glovebox due to the high prices of living on the island. Just hearing how they ferried over construction supplies and furniture sounded like quite the adventure!

The next day we packed our campsite and made our way to spend the rainy day in Bayfield. I would love to go back again- the shops were adorable and I love the nautical feel of the town. Beautiful gardens lined the sidewalks and a fun mixture of brightly colored buildings with classic architecture gave me the feeling of being back in Bergen, Norway. I did find a Scandinavian store that stole my heart- put a troll outside your doorway, and you better believe that I will be coming to shop!

Next time we head that way, Jake and I decided we will for sure go on a chartered boat to explore more of the Apsotle Islands. They have charters that bring you out to rock formations and have blow up kayaks to paddle around the islands. I would also like to spend more time in Bayfield if I had the chance. All in all, island life was good to me!

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