Remembering Travis

Today my husband’s entire family is gathering at the family cabin to remember and celebrate our lost loved one, Travis. Travis joined the family before I did, marrying Jake’s cousin and immediately spreading his infectious personality with the family. He may have received a few eye rolls for his antics, but it was always a party with him there.

Seven years ago, the family decided to put on its first triathlon at the cabin. It entailed swimming across the lake to the public access, biking through Akeley, and running a mile on dirt roads back to the cabin to run through a toilet paper finish line. Although I was not officially family at that time, I took the podium for first place and established a rivalry with Travis immediately. How could he have been beat by this spunky girlfriend of Jake? After all, Travis was wearing streamline spandex – the outfit of champions. The following year he checked into Snap Fitness daily on Facebook and made good-hearted threats to kick my butt. He was disappointed to miss out on redemption when I decided not to compete the following year but winning first sure fit him well.

Travis took a leap of faith a few years ago when he became a REALTOR® and started his own business with Keller Williams. The career suited him well, he was a hardworking people person and it was really fun to see Travis love what he was doing. On August 31, 2016 Travis lost his life in a car accident. The shock hit the family hard, especially the tragedy of leaving behind his wife and children. His friends and family continue to remember and honor him on his Facebook page, it is a living memorial.

Today we head to the cabin again, to swim across the 10th Crow Wing, bike on gravel roads, and run on Goose Trail back to the cabin. Jake and I have been lifting this day in prayer, that it would be one of safety and sweet times together. It can be a little hectic coordinating so many people, children, and dogs. But we are family and we stick together. A race recap will have to come in the future!


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