July Recap & August Insights

It is August 1 and if any of you are like me who wake up at 4:45 am – the sun is rising later than it did a month ago and the misty fog lingers longer until the sun scorches it away. I am reluctant to admit that our short summer is already dwindling, but no matter how much we deny it, reality will hit soon when my garden is ready for harvesting until there are only orange pumpkins left.

In the world of real estate, July sure was busy! Personally, things picked up after the 4th of July. I had multiple deals come together and multiple deal falls apart – mostly in relation to home inspections. The home inspection is optional for buyers but in the transactions that I have represented buyers, I definitely see their benefit and value. To lift the veils of buyers’ eyes and have an unbiased and detailed inspection is extremely helpful in exposing the little and big things in each home that most buyers miss. Here is July’s list of a handful of exposed issues during inspections – most of these were negotiated between buyer and seller and one of these (one of the worst 4 letter words in homes) resulted in a cancellation of purchase agreement:

  • Leaking pipes resulting in corrosion of plumbing
  • The word “deterioration” surrounding a multitude of things: siding, decks, windows, the list goes on.
  • Missing ridge shingles on roofing
  • Loose railings and railings not to code
  • Incomplete flashing and no ledger board for decks – this one was a learning experience and after learning about deck structures I really feel like I could have made a much better deck in my 10th grade geometry class (sorry Mr. Mehr)
  • Breakers not tripping and potential risk for shock from lack of covers over a panel
  • And the naughty 4 letter word: MOLD. The inspector found it and the buyers decided to move on in their search, claiming their earnest money back while the sellers now are working on mold remediation.

Other than inspections, July had a fair amount of showings. Roughly 1000 miles were tacked on to my vehicle for showings. A lot of cabins. A few tanks of gas and diet cokes for the road. A whole bunch of wood paneling. And really wonderful clients to work with. That’s the best part.

The effect of a plethora of showings and contracts being accepted between both parties leads to a closing in the month ahead. So I am looking forward to what August brings – new homes for my awesome clients and more showings and listings for me to continue helping others in each of their own journeys.

As far as a broad generalization of what August looks like in the real estate biz- people are still searching and properties are moving fast. I have found myself representing clients in multiple offer situations that can be a lot of the “hurry up and wait” mentality. Rushing to put together offers and counters and negotiating and then waiting and waiting for the next step to come in the process.

There is a lot of foresight, preparation, anticipation, and then action in real estate. I compare it to when my husband was an offensive coordinator for football- he prepped his team through practice, made a plan for a play, mentally navigated the steps to follow that play whether it be successful or not, put it to action, and continued to motivate and encourage his players while strategically steering the progress down the field. In a real estate transaction, it is my priority to prepare my clients through counseling and advice in their best interest, foster communication with clients to create a game plan: to buy or sell, make a plan for that process- looking ahead to any roadblocks I may be able to avoid if possible, and put that contract into place and execute it at the closing table….touchdown!

Training camps are here and the season is beginning. I am anticipating an awesome fall- one with lots of action and success. August is my training camp where I am working with clients to get them that touchdown at the closing table. Skol Vikings and Adventure On to all my Buyers & Sellers!


Isn’t this the cutest? Coming on the market August 12!

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