Book Review: RISE

riseThree words: You go girl. In Cara Brookin’s memoir: Rise: How a House Built a Family, the author takes readers along her journey of triumphing over years of fear from abusive relationships while her family builds a home of their own. While on a weekend getaway with her four children, Brookin stopped by an abandoned home en route and got the inspiration and courage to dream about a future. After the damage of physical and psychological abuse, along with an overwhelming fear from a schizophrenic ex-husband, the family needed a fresh start.

Through getting bank-financing to build, buying undeveloped land, and construction, this do-it-yourselfer shares the ups and downs of her journey having her crew of 2 teenagers, 1 kid, and a toddler as her construction crew and YouTube as her contractor. I cringed at moments reading, thinking “Oh no, is she really doing that on her own? Yes- she is, she’s really doing it. Wow- she did it!” Although I can’t say I would walk down the path she did, it was inspiring to see a woman who set her mind on a mission, motivated her children to participate in that mission, and complete it independently. More than building a home, I love the story of a mother sharing such a huge life accomplishment with her kids.

When I get as inspired as I did from reading this book, I often get an itch for personal accomplishment in my own life. If you need a little kick in the pants to get motivated to start or finish your home project, walking through the adventure of this family’s tight timeline for construction may just motivate you to not hit snooze and actually wake up early to get ‘er done. Brookin worked full-time, worked part-time freelance, raised 4 kids as a single parent, and built a home from the ground up. Whoa. Pass the coffee.

Do you have questions about construction? About buying lots or acreage and the financing needed to purchase? Do you know what improvements to your home build equity? What is your goal for your future home?

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